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'Bermuda Triangle, makes people disappear...' according to the lyrics of the famous Barry Manilow song. But what really lies behind all the myths and legends that have sprouted around this famous area? Is it indeed a Paranormally charged area as so many suggest, perhaps connected with theories of the lost continent of Atlantis? There are many reports of instrumentation failures and UFO sightings in the area. Some even hypothesize that a parallel universe exits within the Bermuda Triangle region, causing a space/time warp that sucks objects into a parallel dimension! Join Neil & Stu as they try to unravel the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle!
The Strange and Mysterious awaits!
Produced by http://www.feeglefilms.com in association with Juicy Falls.
Theme tune - 'Searching For Monsters' by Darren Maffucci -
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